Spring of Dream or Nightmare

Group Show at ZIL CC, 1-9 February 2020



What mysterious power lies in the ability to dream? Information glut, development of technology and an increase in the level of anxiety forced the magical characters, monsters and other creatures of human consciousness to emigrate to the web. They climbed out from under the beds and cupboards into a virtual space in which the vulnerable could have inexplicable power, making the once perverse, now mundane.

"I went down to my room which was lit with twilights of my memories. Some toys layed in the corner, shadows of which made funny patterns. I felt that my body does not belong to me, that it sank in the darkness, that screens cover my every step. I thought I saw eyes of a stranger in the window, but just for a blast of a second (which fixated in my affected memory). I again found myself alone with my fantasms - hidden hopes, cruel games, imaginary friends, frightening pictures. I spent all my childhood here, or am I still here? I turned on the light and sighed slowly: everything was empty. Only me and my imagination".


Text: Natasha Angashanova

illustration: Mary Anaskina 'Imaginary Friends'



Bora Akinciturk

Mary Anaskina

Masha Andreeva

Natasha Angashanova

Azil (Liza Chukhlantseva)

Bestiary 5+

Denis Custp

Irina Gorbacheva

Nikola Fedrov

Oleg Frolov

Robbie Hansen

Maria Ivanova

Felix Idle

Winter Jenssen

Vadim Mel

Evgeny Mezhibovsky

Nastya Mleko

Ignat Olenev

Alena Seletskaya

Amalia UIman


Rima Zamzam


Curators: Natasha Angashanova, Mary Anaskina



Window view from outside ZIL CC. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Exhibition view from entrance stairs. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Bora Akinciturk, Nastya Mleko, Vadim Mel, Liza Azil. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Nastya Mleko. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Vadim Mel, Bora Akinciturk. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Bora Akinciturk. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Exhibition view. Curatorial pizza, Nikola Fedorov, Maria Andreeva. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Mary Anaskina. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Natasha Angashanova, Bestiary 5+. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Bestiary 5+. Metallic pannel by Vadim Mel. Photo by Christina Matveeva.

Installation in the middle by Rima Zamzam and Maria Ivanova. Painting and sculpture on the right by Mary Anaskina. Further in detail down below. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.



Oleg Frolov. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Video by Irina Gorbacheva, Sound system Ignat Olenev. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Robbie Hansen. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Denis Custp. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Natasha Angashanova, Denis Custp. Photo by Christina Matveeva.

Video by Amalia Ulman. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Drawing by Natasha Angashanova. Photo by Ivan Erofeev.

Exhibition view at night. Photo by Ivan Erofeev


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