When I just came to work to this startup it was called Freeland, the land of freedom. And was dedicated to create a virtual freedom state with liberal views and infrastructure to develop blockchain business.


Founders wanted to gather $300mln to buy an island somewhere near Thailand and make it available for citizens of the state to live in and use as a legal offshore business location.


For this idea PR Manager and I came up with a little animation I rendered visuals for in C4D.



Visualizatrions for:

• ICO moneybox,

• coin/logo,

• the island establishment with 6 businesses,

•news about The Australian Stock Exchange that we posted about on social networks

• a view in a store with crypto items that was aimed to illustrate the Universal Trading Platform.


Blockchain business


Businesses included:

• Crypto-Fiat Bank

• Invest Bank

• Marketing Agency

• Payment System

• Charity Organisation


All of which I visualized in 3D

Cinema 4D + Vray



The state had an imaginary newspaper that PR Manager came up with.


I made illustrations for a few issues in Photoshop.


#10 was a Thanksgiving issue.



As time went by it became evident to the founders that buying an island would be too expensive and difficult, so they decided to change the direction

of the project. It was renamed to FreeZone and the new aim was to establish a Free Crypto Economic Zone in one of the existing countries. So instead of an Island now I was building a city, a crypto heaven, an oasis for crypto business.

crypto news


Infographic I designed for

New Years publication.

content remark


All of the images presented in this case were made very quickly in less than in a day and were used for social media posts about the project.


Images in this slideshow present:

• White Paper release

• Community based on libertarian ideas and equal opportunities for all members

• No taxation

No budget Advertising


PR department was faced with a mission to make a viral video for YouTube. After observing a boom of Meme Man videos we came up with this little story that I animated in After Effects. Founders insisted on adding a logo to the bank, so comments on Reddit we received were like "advertising got smart", but it didn't go viral.

telegram Sticker pack


Most written communication within our team was going through Telegram messenger, so I created a Sticker pack to express our inside jokes, some crypto terms and bits of project branding.