DKNY Merchandising


I worked for DKNY as a Merchandising Specialist/Designer back in 2011.


Received guidelines and visuals for new products every season and adapted them for local market under European Manager supervision.


To the left is an example

of planograms for positioning

on shelves in stores. There were many different shelf combinations and seasonal products that I was working with throughout this job.

DKNY GOLden Delicious

promo podiums


Such little podiums were placed in many stores around Russia. I was in charge of production and delivery. My visualization was used for explanation, production company build preside blueprints.


Further is a 3D visualization for

a promo podium that was then built in the central department store in Moscow.



This fragrance aimed to have an extended campaign and I came up with decorations for a bus stop, however it remained only

a concept due to budget limit.